Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who is going to win in Valencia?

Well as per my last understanding and posting I found McLaren to be more challenging. This circuit is very similar to the MonteCarlo. With temperatures rising the tyre degradation and braking will be a concern for many.
Looking at the McLaren set up they are looking like the underdogs. However, Pastor is really in a very dominating position and I strongly believe that he will take the lead in this race.
The williams has really got some speed in the middle of this battle and it is now four folds.

With RedBulls, McLarens, Williams and Renault. We cannot miss the  Mercedes and Sauber from it.

I am betting on Lewis or Pastor to win it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who is going to win in MonteoCarlo??

Yes, this is an answer surely I am looking at. 6 races with 6 winners. This year F1 is completely poised. Thanks to the DRS zones and the Pierrelis. And more or less the F1 is no more a dominated race by any team.

Well the big question is who is going to win the Canadian Grand PIX. Is it Vettel or Hamilton or Massa. If I am looking at the Redbulls then currently they are the favorites. However, my intuition  it may not be Vettel for Canadian Grandprix. I would bet for Hamilton as the McLaren is really looking one of the favorites here in this track.

It is a big question though. Can Hamilton overtake Vettel in the first corner pile up? I think yes..lets see...

Friday, May 9, 2008

More difficult Qualifying

The Formula 1 qualifying system is to be adjusted from this weekend's Turkish Grand Prix onwards to take account of Super Aguri's departure.

FIA officials have confirmed that with only 20 cars now in the field, five rather than six drivers will be eliminated at the end of each of the two knock-out sessions.

The revision and Super Aguri's absence increases the likelihood of one of the upper midfield contenders dropping out after the first segment, since only the top 15 will now get through to Q2.

Q3 is unchanged and will remain a shoot-out for the top 10 positions.

This is the first time that the three-part qualifying system has had to be adapted for a smaller field, as it was originally introduced for the start of 2006, coinciding with Super Aguri's arrival in the world championship.

This is not going to Force India as now one of the top team will fall down in Q1. So not so good news

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Super Aguri ... what will happen next...Oppurtunity for Spice Energy

I always knew that this is goingo happen. Somehow my gut feeling was Super Aguri deal might not go ahead. And now Honda has also denied of Super Aguri bail out.
The team in a short span has performed well and last year outpacing the Honda team itself.
Now the problem is the team needs a lot of money within next 3 days to run in next weekend at Spain. Will that be possible? A very big question. Honda might not be able to rescue the team..reason as per Honda the team has not approched them till now. I am guessing honda is infact afraid of last year's SA's perfomance.

Now because os custmer car regulation for 2010 many buyers might not even want to buy this team. The team has now squizzed to a very small number.

Good oppurtunity for Spice Energy to place this team along side Force India. Force has done a great after the spyker take over. And same is expected from spice after looking at the A1Gp turn around.

NK is still a very controlled driver and has got a lot of testing experience.

As per the latest interview Mr Andaleeb Sehgal wants to buy a team and groom Indian drivers. and this is a perfect time for him to showcase some potential to buy the team.

So what's the bet..a second team from India....wait for another 3 days

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New F1 game for PS3/PS2 in this generation??

It is really funny that new game has still not arrived.
having said that, I hope it should not arrive this year. The reason quite simple new tracks.
I am expecting to race Singapore, Abudhabi, Valencia and even Fuzi using the F1 cars. If sony/any other company comes out with the game this year we would not see the new circuits.
Unless the race is complete F1 is not going to give the rights for game developement.
F1 game for PS3 is really good and PS2 is also nice, but one cannot play these games for 5 years.
Hence I am expecting a new set of games to come in 2009 with new tracks, new team (Force India F1), slick tyre option (Currently it is only HARD and RAIN) etc and some excellent graphics and also some exciting features.... like Mallya type Parties in the games

Barcelona Testing day 3 - 16th April 2008

Barcelona testing times

1.-Alonso - 1:18.483 - 64 laps
2.-Schumacher -1:19.323 -36 laps
3.-Sutil-1:19.424 - 66 laps
4.- Kubica - 1:19.785 -60 laps
5.-Hamilton - 1:20.591 - 47 laps
6.-Webber - 1:20.849 -51 laps
7.-Trulli - 1:20.867 - 35 laps
8.-Barrichello - 1:21.443 -73 laps
9.-Rosberg - 1:21.776 -15 laps
10.-Bourdais - 1:21.786 - 52 laps

Looks like Force India F1 is flying....