Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who is going to win in Valencia?

Well as per my last understanding and posting I found McLaren to be more challenging. This circuit is very similar to the MonteCarlo. With temperatures rising the tyre degradation and braking will be a concern for many.
Looking at the McLaren set up they are looking like the underdogs. However, Pastor is really in a very dominating position and I strongly believe that he will take the lead in this race.
The williams has really got some speed in the middle of this battle and it is now four folds.

With RedBulls, McLarens, Williams and Renault. We cannot miss the  Mercedes and Sauber from it.

I am betting on Lewis or Pastor to win it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who is going to win in MonteoCarlo??

Yes, this is an answer surely I am looking at. 6 races with 6 winners. This year F1 is completely poised. Thanks to the DRS zones and the Pierrelis. And more or less the F1 is no more a dominated race by any team.

Well the big question is who is going to win the Canadian Grand PIX. Is it Vettel or Hamilton or Massa. If I am looking at the Redbulls then currently they are the favorites. However, my intuition  it may not be Vettel for Canadian Grandprix. I would bet for Hamilton as the McLaren is really looking one of the favorites here in this track.

It is a big question though. Can Hamilton overtake Vettel in the first corner pile up? I think yes..lets see...