Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spice y Super Aguri

Well news papers are flodded with reports that Spice energy is in talk with Super Aguri buy out.

Ok Now again One more booming Indian Compnay ready on the table to take over a sister honda team another team in F1 paddlock.

However, things donot look bright as far as deal is concerned. People donot buy the statement from Mr Nick Fry that NK is not a standard racer. Forget about the standard of NK, how about the standard they have shown in 2007 F1 racing. NK has proved and he does not need to prove it again and again. Although he is not supported by the first india f1 team, but yes there is another team who cares the NK fans.

Spice has done a very good thing by sticking with the Indian drivers unlike the Force India F1 team. It is definately a good support for NK and wild racing fans.

Honda cannot support NK as it clashes with the commercial interest in India. Tata as a prime sponser for NK and then again as a partner with FIAT (FERRARI) brand, Honda will never want a driver from a competator. This might be a reason why TATA's logo were taken out from the William's car in 2007 series and Narain not given any official test (TOYOTA as an engine supplier to Williams would have never wanted an TATA sponsored driver). Same reason when Wurz dropped from Willams Team and Nakazima promoted as a driver from no where.

So guys what ever happens it is now good for Indian Motor Sport fans as well as India.