Friday, May 9, 2008

More difficult Qualifying

The Formula 1 qualifying system is to be adjusted from this weekend's Turkish Grand Prix onwards to take account of Super Aguri's departure.

FIA officials have confirmed that with only 20 cars now in the field, five rather than six drivers will be eliminated at the end of each of the two knock-out sessions.

The revision and Super Aguri's absence increases the likelihood of one of the upper midfield contenders dropping out after the first segment, since only the top 15 will now get through to Q2.

Q3 is unchanged and will remain a shoot-out for the top 10 positions.

This is the first time that the three-part qualifying system has had to be adapted for a smaller field, as it was originally introduced for the start of 2006, coinciding with Super Aguri's arrival in the world championship.

This is not going to Force India as now one of the top team will fall down in Q1. So not so good news

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Super Aguri ... what will happen next...Oppurtunity for Spice Energy

I always knew that this is goingo happen. Somehow my gut feeling was Super Aguri deal might not go ahead. And now Honda has also denied of Super Aguri bail out.
The team in a short span has performed well and last year outpacing the Honda team itself.
Now the problem is the team needs a lot of money within next 3 days to run in next weekend at Spain. Will that be possible? A very big question. Honda might not be able to rescue the team..reason as per Honda the team has not approched them till now. I am guessing honda is infact afraid of last year's SA's perfomance.

Now because os custmer car regulation for 2010 many buyers might not even want to buy this team. The team has now squizzed to a very small number.

Good oppurtunity for Spice Energy to place this team along side Force India. Force has done a great after the spyker take over. And same is expected from spice after looking at the A1Gp turn around.

NK is still a very controlled driver and has got a lot of testing experience.

As per the latest interview Mr Andaleeb Sehgal wants to buy a team and groom Indian drivers. and this is a perfect time for him to showcase some potential to buy the team.

So what's the bet..a second team from India....wait for another 3 days

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New F1 game for PS3/PS2 in this generation??

It is really funny that new game has still not arrived.
having said that, I hope it should not arrive this year. The reason quite simple new tracks.
I am expecting to race Singapore, Abudhabi, Valencia and even Fuzi using the F1 cars. If sony/any other company comes out with the game this year we would not see the new circuits.
Unless the race is complete F1 is not going to give the rights for game developement.
F1 game for PS3 is really good and PS2 is also nice, but one cannot play these games for 5 years.
Hence I am expecting a new set of games to come in 2009 with new tracks, new team (Force India F1), slick tyre option (Currently it is only HARD and RAIN) etc and some excellent graphics and also some exciting features.... like Mallya type Parties in the games

Barcelona Testing day 3 - 16th April 2008

Barcelona testing times

1.-Alonso - 1:18.483 - 64 laps
2.-Schumacher -1:19.323 -36 laps
3.-Sutil-1:19.424 - 66 laps
4.- Kubica - 1:19.785 -60 laps
5.-Hamilton - 1:20.591 - 47 laps
6.-Webber - 1:20.849 -51 laps
7.-Trulli - 1:20.867 - 35 laps
8.-Barrichello - 1:21.443 -73 laps
9.-Rosberg - 1:21.776 -15 laps
10.-Bourdais - 1:21.786 - 52 laps

Looks like Force India F1 is flying....

Monday, March 31, 2008

Tata-Ford JLR deal - A big picture

An editorial from Dave Leggett

I guess the big picture in the Ford-Tata deal for Jaguar and
Land Rover announced last week is the seismic shift in the
global economy that it points to. A long established Western
company, Ford, is deep in the financial mire and having to
sell assets just to survive. And it’s an Indian company that
has emerged to buy those assets.

The transfer of ownership of two such quintessentially
British brands to India has an even deeper resonance for
many in both Britain and India when you consider the history
of relations between the two countries. And this takes Tata
Motors into the big time in one step – these are two major
brands with global footprints (by comparison Chinese firms
are still struggling to make headway globally).

So, what went wrong with Ford’s JLR stewardship? With Land
Rover not all that much (let’s not get into quality issues,
they go way back and Ford’s only had LR since 2000). With
Jaguar, it went for volume and tried to mix it with Merc and
BMW. The strategy failed.

Around the beginning of this decade, Ford decided to
really go for it with Jaguar. The idea was to lever off Ford
Group platforms to save cost and also reposition Jaguar as a
brand to take on the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW in the
higher volume executive car segments. The theory was
certainly seductive. This was Ford’s PAG really coming

First we got the S-Type (criticised by some as an overly
‘Amercanised’ product, but it wasn’t that bad). The real
howler, it turned out, was the X-Type. It never came close
to the ambitious targets set for it. Was the Mondeo
platform-based car an utter lemon? No, but it simply could
not do the job set for it.

I recall the then Jaguar MD Jonathan Browning telling me
in 2001, just as X-Type was launching, that the aim was to
achieve overall Jaguar volume in the region of 200,000 units
annually in the medium-term. The X-Type was supposed to be a
big part of the doubling of overall Jag volume from a level
of about 100,000 units back then.

In 2004, when I interviewed Nick Scheele (by then Ford
COO, but still a Jag stalwart who had done much to turn the
brand around on quality) in his office in Dearborn, Jaguar
was at around 125,000 units of volume per annum and only
just rolling out a diesel-engine on the X-Type – the absence
of which had been a big handicap in Europe. He defended the
X-Type but acknowledged the problems faced by the late
diesel in Europe and a US market that had become a
‘dogfight’ in the X-Type’s segment.

Ultimately, the X-Type simply didn’t appeal to enough
people in a segment ruled by the likes of the BMW 3 Series.
Jaguar had bitten off more than it could chew with the X.

Losses mounted and Browns Lane bit the dust as an assembly

The cost squeeze seems to have done the trick on moving
Jaguar close to breakeven now. The S-Type replacement, the
XF, is a car that has had very good reviews. The design
eschews the three-box trad-Jag look that constrained the
broadening of the appeal on both the S and X. That looks
like a good move.

With the XF’s market impact to come, Tata has perhaps
taken over Jaguar at a very good time. Annual Jaguar
production slumped to just 54,000 units last year. From what
I hear, feet are well and truly on the ground at Jaguar
these days and the positioning of the brand going forward
will be sensitive to the unfortunate experience with the
X-Type. Getting Jaguar to around 100,000 units a year sounds
like a reasonable mid-term goal; a recovery to a sustainable
level, Jaguar positioned firmly in an upscale part of the
market. The success of the XF in the market will be crucial,
but as the song says, and given where Jaguar is right now,
the only way is up.

Courtsey :

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bad weekend for Karun and Isport drivers.

Is the ISPORT team loosing its champion status? Did they made a mistake by taking Karun and Bruno the so called less experiencd drivers? No idea about it but it looks as if the team is preparing for the BIG SEASON. It is very clear that ISPORT is not going to win the championship in the opening round of GP2 series.

It was really a bad day for Karun in future race even if was on the 1st grid. The engine didnot start and he has to start from the PITS. That spoiled the whole party after a heavy rain and many off track excursions and finally the red flag to start fresh.

Karun eneded the race with bad memories and collided with Arman at turn 1 after runnng over a water bubble.

Karun Chandhok and Armaan Ebrahim finished seventh and 19th respectively in the sprint race of the GP2 Asia Championship at the Sepang circuit on Sunday.

Starting 15th on the grid, Karun, a 24-year-old from Chennai, made places but got stuck behind a slower car and had to be content with the seventh position that put him out of points.

Armaan, 18, also from Chennai, began the race from 14th spot. He had a poor start as the car in front of him on the grid stalled and he swiftly lost places. Armaan did move up to 16th before facing problems with the car that slowed him down.

“I had to literally muscle the car through the corners and it cost me precious time,” said a disappointed Armaan. “I know for sure I have the pace, especially in the wet. I finished ninth at Sentul in heavy rain and was among points yesterday (Saturday) in a wet race before the collision with Karun. I feel that if I can put in more miles in the car, I will be able to deliver better results,” he said.

Meanwhile, Karun enjoyed a better start and swiftly moved to eighth and then seventh, but could not find a way past Fairuz Fauzi and trailed the Malaysian home. “The weekend was a disaster, especially considering that we had the pace, put in fastest laps, and yet came away without a point for the second weekend in a row,” Karun summed up his performance here.

Kamui Kobayashi (DAMS) won the race, leading from start to finish. Romain Grosjean (ART GP) was second after a brilliant drive. Feature race winner Vitaly Petrov (Barwa International) came at the third spot.

So we expect a very good show from Karun in Baharin. This will stop all the gossips whether ISPORT has done all right in taking him on board. Well big question but Karun is a good driver and that will stop all this in the next race.

Good show by Gincarole in Sepang

The Force India Formula One Team has finished the Sepang race with Gincarlo on 12th and Sutil DNF.

Sutil started very well and was upto 14th. He was looking good and looked as if he can compete with the Honda's. However an unwanted Hydraulic failure just spoiled the party for Force India F1. However Gencarlo had a good session with the car. After the 1st pit stop his laptimes improved and many times he was lapping faster than even the honda's and renaults. It was good performance by the Italian and he looked really the best recruits for Force India. And it seems Force India F1 has done all right in taking Gencarlo taking on board. The stylist racer finished at 12 ahead of Honda's Barrichllo and ahead of the Williams. It was good to see many Indian flags in the Paddlock.

Here are the comments after the race.

Adrian Sutil (car 20)

‘Very early on in the race I developed a mechanical problem and had to switch the engine off and pull off the track. I am very disappointed with this start to the season, especially after I had to stop so soon into the race in Australia too.’

Giancarlo Fisichella (car 21)

‘I think we honestly did our best here. At the start I had a lot of wheelspin and lost a lot of positions, I don’t know why but we have to look into it. On my first stint I was suffering a lot of understeer with graining on the soft tyres but then in my stop I adjusted the front flap and went onto the harder tyres and stayed on them for both stints. I am happy with the race pace later on though and it is promising for the rest of the season.’

Mike Gascoyne, chief technical officer

‘Some real positives from the weekend, but also some very bad luck for Adrian. He had had a difficult weekend until the race but then made a great start and his race pace was looking really strong, so it’s a real shame we had a hydraulic issue on his car very early on. Giancarlo made a bad start, but after the first stop he showed a really competitive race pace. Ultimately it was disappointing not to get two cars to the finish but overall I think we can look forward to a much better season than the team has had over the last few years.’

Dr Vijay Mallya, chairman and managing director

‘Overall we have shown a genuine improvement in pace in Malaysia from last season. In 2007 this team was at the back of the grid, this year we were just 0.05secs from getting into Q2. We have bettered our fastest lap by over two seconds, more than any other team on the grid, but more importantly we showed that we are now able to race and are no longer the team bringing up the rear of the field. Unfortunately Adrian once again went out in the early stages through no fault of his own, which sadly denied him the chance to show how he could do under race conditions, but Giancarlo drove an excellent race, setting some very promising times and was able to fight for position. I feel this is highly promising for the rest of the season.’

Monday, March 17, 2008

Karun's GP2 testing before sepang.

Karun Chandhok was in top form in the final GP2 Series tests at the Paul Ricard circuit last week, topping the times on the opening day and finishing fourth in the second. The 24-year-old from Chennai, who is backed by Red Bull, JK Tyre, Amaron and ICSA Logistics, had suffered a trying time in the previous two test sessions with his new iSport International car, as numerous technical issues had hindered his track time.

This time it was different.

"It was a big relief to have a problem-free couple of test days at last," said Karun. "I always believed that I would be on the pace when we had ironed out these teething problems, and I finally got to prove it. The team and I have really been working hard to fix the problems and it was nice to finally get down to working on setup changes. My engineer Richard Selwin and I worked through a good program which has given us a better understanding of the new car for the main series. Bruno ( Senna, team-mate ) and I have also established a good relationship and this I think is helping us as a team."

Despite tricky weather conditions, due to high winds, Chandhok lapped the Paul Ricard circuit in 1m12.717s on Wednesday. He ended the day nearly a tenth of a second clear of Piquet Sports driver Pastor Maldonado with the current GP2 Asia series leader Romain Grosjean in third. On day two on Thursday, the teams had to change the set-up of their cars overnight in order to run in high-downforce-spec. Again, Chandhok adapted well to the first test with the car carrying these settings, lapping a different, more twisty layout of the track in 1m10.210s, which was less than two-tenths off the pace in fourth place.

Karun added: "These two days of testing have put us in a good position ahead of the season-opener. We got through a great amount of work including some qualifying and race simulations as well as some pitstop practices. I do feel that we have taken a step forward with the new GP2/08 car but at the moment it still looks like there are at least 14 drivers who could potentially win races this year."

The main GP2 Series starts in Barcelona on April 26/27 supporting the Spanish Grand Prix. However, Chandhok's next race is the third round of GP2 Asia in Sepang, supporting the Malaysian Grand Prix on March 22/23. Looking ahead to the weekend, he said "I'm really looking forward to Sepang. It's a great circuit and one that I have really enjoyed racing on in the past. It's nice to finish the European tests well as a bit of a confidence boost ahead of next weekend's race. There are normally quite a few Indians who come over to Sepang for the grand prix and we're going to try and give them something extra to cheer about !"

-credit: karun chandhok

Ferrari failed in Albert Park or Is MCLaren is 2008's winner? An analysis

This is a very big question coming in my mind whether Ferrari failed in Albert completely or marginally. The speed was not even matching to the Renaults.
It was really funny to see both the drivers struggling hard without aids. With massa helping both Coulthard and Webber incidentally both RBR's back to the garage. And then himself went to pit.

The Ferrari engines are heating so much that even ICE MAN cannot cool t down.

The champion himself has so many off track excursions that it was worth watching.
For some time I was wondering what the hell is doing? Then I realised ohh Ferrari is struggling with ECU aids.

It seems McLarens are the 2008's winners. The way both of the drivers performed it was a classic show. Having said that I think we still have BMW as a competitor to McLaren but for how long??

But yes as long as the inexperienced drivers are present it cannot be guaranteed as any of the good drivers e.g. Fischi would thrown out of the track because of some silly driving by some freshers.

Thanks to the help by Nelson send the "GOOD TIMES" car to dust. It was really heart aching to see the Force India F1 car out side the track.

Well it is still a big question to be asked whether Ferrari would be able to race in sych hot weather conditions?

According to reports williams is going for super computers to study the car data for this hot weather conditions. Guies ready for Williams and BMW to give a stiff competition to Ferrari for 2nd and 3rd positions.

The RedBulls are the real surprise. As a team they have developed very much. This is clearly visible from the testing and qualifying reports. The only thing that can save Redbull is some good driving by the freshers and some lady luck to Mark Webber.

Lets see how it goes.

My prediction for Sepang is

1. Mc Laren
2. Ferrari/Renault/RBR
3. Williams/BMW

and rest would be ........

Do post your comments on this.

F1 report on Sepang circuit

Wait for my posting on Sepang for both GP2 and F1. That will include special reflection to GP2 series and Force India f1 team

Till that time enjoy

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A1 gp : Narain is 9th in Future Race

Started 20th from the grid, The fastest indian managed to get 2 points for Team India. This is a superb performance having started just the bottom of the grid ahead of Team china. There are some great driving skills also shown by Team Ireland which won the Feature race.

Team GBR and USA also showed some fantastic race at the end.
Overall good performance by Karthikeyan and the team which did some excellent pit stops ro come ahed of some other teams.

Will post videos and photographs later.

Fischi's fligh in 1st corner.

It is very stupid to those drivers who hit fischi from the side. The similar way David was out of the race as well.

Here is a nice link to watch Fisichella's flight

Although as a Force India team fan it is difficult to digest the way the car flown in the air. Well not so GOOD TIMES this in this ride.

Bad luck for Force India f1 in Albert Park circuit

Force India Fischhi was out of the track

Adrian Sutil (car 20, VJM01/02)

DNF: Hydraulic Lap 9

Giancarlo Fisichella (car 21, VJM01/05)

DNF: Accident Lap1

The Australian Grand Prix ultimately brought a double retirement for the team. The disappointment was all the more bitter after a surprising race that produced only few finishers. Giancarlo Fisichella, starting from 16th on the grid following Timo Glock’s 10-place penalty, was a victim of a first-corner accident involving Glock and Piquet, with the resulting damage ending his Force India debut on the spot.

Adrian Sutil started from the pit lane after his qualifying incident cracked his chassis. The German however avoided Giancarlo’s accident and had graduated to 13th position by lap eight, however a hydraulic pressure problem on the following lap also brought his day to a premature end. The team will now move from Australia to Malaysia for the second race of the year, with high hopes of improvements on this race result.

Adrian Sutil (car 20)

‘A big disappointment, especially when I watched the race afterwards, but it was good while it lasted. In the opening laps I could stay with the guys in front of me and could overtake to get up to 13th position, but then I had a hydraulic pressure problem. I had to go back to the pits, so at that point my race was over. We have to hope for more in Malaysia, but I think we showed an improvement over last year, particularly over the longer runs in practice, so I am confident we can really do better there.’

Giancarlo Fisichella (car 21)

‘I am very disappointed as I lost the race at the first corner because another driver came in like a kamikaze into my car and it was very frustrating, especially considering a race like this where there was a possibility to score lots of points. It was a good opportunity and I am really disappointed. Let’s hope for more in Malaysia.’

Mike Gascoyne, chief technical officer

‘A very disappointing first race for Force India and obviously a great opportunity to score points missed, although I am sure a lot of the press releases will also be saying that. Giancarlo was unlucky at the first corner, with someone outside him and with Glock and Piquet not under control coming down on the inside. He just had nowhere to go. With Adrian we had a hydraulic failure, a result of having to rebuild his car from yesterday and not being able to do any installation checks, which was a shame as he was running very competitively and would for sure have had a good result. But overall a positive weekend in terms of car pace and we have to look to get a better result in Malaysia.’

Dr Vijay Mallya, chairman and managing director

‘I have been very pleased with this weekend, despite the frustration of going out early in this astonishing race. I was however very encouraged with the pace we showed in the practice sessions. Although qualifying was ultimately disappointing, last year in Australia this team was well off the pace, this year we were up with the midfield.

‘It was a shame we missed a point-scoring opportunity here. Overall it was an encouraging weekend and the positive is that we have another event in just one week’s time where we can try again.’

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Force India F1 out of Q2

Force india F1 could not reach the Q2. However a strong show by both Sutil and Fishi..Sutil made a small mistake at the end of the Q1 and thus could not complete his final flying lap.
Here are the results
Fischiella : 17th
Sutil : 19th

Lets hope to get some exciting race on tomorrow morning. I'll keep u updated with the other news in short while.

F1 practice live on ITV

ITV new contract. Wow what a news..

The internet and broadband concept is gaining so much popularity that now you can watch F1 live.
Formula 1 2008 got off to an action-packed start on Friday in Melbourne, with drivers’ skills tested to the limit on the first day of the post-traction control era.
Ferrari and McLaren looked closer than ever on pace, while Red Bull led an intriguing tight midfield pack.
Now it’s time for the serious action to get going, with the first qualifying session of the new season on Saturday morning.
ITV Sport’s live coverage of the fight for pole position begins at 2.15am on ITV1, with a re-run of the action later in the day from 1.20pm on the same channel.
And don’t forget if you are in the UK and not near a TV for this weekend’s action from Albert Park, you can now watch the live ITV1 coverage simulcast here on
Qualifying show highlights:
- The big three – Raikkonen, Hamilton and Alonso – look ahead to the new season- Ted and Louise take us through this season's runners and riders- Louise talks to Jenson Button, plus interviews with David Coulthard and Anthony Davidson- Martin gives us his insight into the Albert Park circuit and assesses how the rule changes will affect how the drivers attack the track- A guide to this year's rule changes- Win a VIP trip to the 2008 British GP in our competition- Ferrari skiing feature from Madonna di Campiglio
Comments: I watched yesterday it was a very good experience. Picture quality was good and no doubt it was worth watching a F1 friday testing as I had never watched in past. Watching Fischi in 9th and 12th was very special. In total great concept by the ITV people

F1 spending to be limited as per FIA

Teams might be restricted for their spending....

Money is the oil that keeps Formula One's engine purring. Having plenty is normally a good portent. Having little is a quick way to the back of the grid.

Toyota are reputed to have the biggest spending budget in Formula One.

Super Aguri survived on less than $90m in 2007 -- it may sound like a lot, but in Formula One it's the equivalent of being in the poor house.
This week, the Japanese team, which finished ninth in the 2007 constructors' championship, escaped their pre-season funding woes after reaching a takeover agreement with the London-based Magma Group, an auto industry consultancy company.
Super Aguri's plight, caused in part by the non-payment of monies owed to them by a key sponsor, saw them make more than 20 staff redundant over the winter. It also severely restricted their testing program.
That they will line up for the opening grand prix in Melbourne is testament to their determination. But they can only gaze jealously at the big spenders.
Toyota are believed to top the spending pile dominated by the manufacturers, lavishing up to $550m a year on their bid to overhaul Ferrari and McLaren.
Unfortunately, the money has not helped them make much progress. In 2007 they were sixth in the constructors' championship -- the same position they finished in 2006.
McLaren, their closest spending rivals, have an estimated budget of $500m thanks to the contributions of Mercedes-Benz -- involved since 1994 -- and Vodafone.
The prancing horse has Shell, Philip Morris tobacco, the Abu Dhabi government and Alice (a telecoms giant) as major funders of their $405m budget.
Meanwhile, Renault's estimated $300m budget -- fairly meager compared to their more spendthrift rivals -- is swelled by the Dutch bank ING, which signed up last year as a title sponsor.
At the other end of the scale are Super Aguri and last year's poorest cousin Spyker (now Force India), which is expecting its budget to nearly double to $120m in 2008.
Colin Kolles, Force India's team principal, believes they now have the money to leap from their 10th place finish last year to midfield.
"I have been with this team through some difficult times over the past three years, but with dedicated team owners, a realistic budget and high ambitions, I can now see a long-term future for us... we could be in a position to be a regular points finisher," he said.
Force India's long-term commitment to the sport will be music to the ears of the FIA, the sport's governing body.
The large disparity in funding levels is an issue it is determined to control.
Max Mosley, the FIA president, began 2008 with a letter to the teams outlining its plans, which could see the budgets of the top spenders nearly halved.
FIA is proposing a cap on spending for all costs other than engines, drivers and expenditure for promotion and marketing.
The goal is a more even playing field, with the independent teams like Force India and Super Aguri having the ability to more consistently challenge the dominant manufacturing teams.
The FIA is also desperate to ensure the independents remain in the sport, and that more backers like Force India's Vijay Mallya feel they have enough cash to join and be competitive.
Mallya said their involvement as India's first team was a matter of great pride.
"Not everyone can say we own an F1 team and we are on that grid. It takes a lot to be there in the first place."
However, convincing everyone of the need for budget caps and agreeing on them will be hard work.
A Force India spokesperson said given the number of motor manufacturers involved in Formula One capping spending was not a realistic proposition, however superficially attractive it might be.
There was a big difference in budgets, but they had to be cleverer with their money, the spokesperson said.
"As we are a smaller team we are more able to take quick decisions ... if the decision making process is poor and subsequent execution inefficient no amount of money will make you competitive."
The top teams do not like to talk about their budgets and, while some privately generally support the idea of a limit, they will fight hard to set the spending bar high.
Moreover, some fear a cap will harm the sport's development -- removing its drive for innovation and creativity -- and that changes will be impossible to police.
Critics also believe rules introduced in recent years to level the playing field -- the move to a single tires supplier and using engines for multiple races -- have had the opposite effect.
Mosley has warned that if a majority of the teams do not agree to the FIA's proposals by July, funding levels will be set for them.
It is the finish line a number of the teams will not want to cross.

Article from CNN.

Flying Force

Force India finally arrived on Friday Practice session

Force India believes its promising form in Friday practice at Melbourne proves how much progress it has made over the winter.

The revitalised team set some eye-catching times during pre-season testing, but remained cautious about its 2008 form.

However new signing Giancarlo Fisichella ended today's second session in a strong ninth place, having earlier been as high as sixth.

"It was a good challenge today and it looks quite promising," he said.

"We made a big step forward over the winter and, with the new development parts we have here, we are not looking too bad.

"I am happy with the job we are doing so far, both the team and myself are working well together, and although we know we still have a lot of work to do and it is going to be tough, it's a good start."

Force India's chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne is keen to maintain that form throughout the rest of the weekend.

"On the whole a very good day for the team that confirms the step forward we have made relative to the competition over the winter," he said.

"We now have to carry that forward through qualifying and into the race."

Fisichella's team-mate Adrian Sutil was only 17th in both sessions, but reckoned he could have been faster had he not hit traffic.

"I think today went quite well," he said.

"The track was slippery at the beginning, so it was difficult to find a good balance to start with, but after the first run I was happy and then we didn't change so much over the sessions - really just fine-tuned everything.

"We had a small hydraulic problem before lunch but it was soon solved and we could do several longer runs in the second free practice with some quite good lap times.

"At the end it was a little bit unlucky I had some traffic on my fastest lap so I couldn't do a good time with the new tyres, but tomorrow is another day and I think we should be much better than last year."

courtsey: ITV-F1

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spice y Super Aguri

Well news papers are flodded with reports that Spice energy is in talk with Super Aguri buy out.

Ok Now again One more booming Indian Compnay ready on the table to take over a sister honda team another team in F1 paddlock.

However, things donot look bright as far as deal is concerned. People donot buy the statement from Mr Nick Fry that NK is not a standard racer. Forget about the standard of NK, how about the standard they have shown in 2007 F1 racing. NK has proved and he does not need to prove it again and again. Although he is not supported by the first india f1 team, but yes there is another team who cares the NK fans.

Spice has done a very good thing by sticking with the Indian drivers unlike the Force India F1 team. It is definately a good support for NK and wild racing fans.

Honda cannot support NK as it clashes with the commercial interest in India. Tata as a prime sponser for NK and then again as a partner with FIAT (FERRARI) brand, Honda will never want a driver from a competator. This might be a reason why TATA's logo were taken out from the William's car in 2007 series and Narain not given any official test (TOYOTA as an engine supplier to Williams would have never wanted an TATA sponsored driver). Same reason when Wurz dropped from Willams Team and Nakazima promoted as a driver from no where.

So guys what ever happens it is now good for Indian Motor Sport fans as well as India.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fischi in FI F1

Italian Giancarlo Fisichella and Adrian Sutil of Germany were on Thursday unveiled as the drivers of the new Force India team that will race in Formula One this year.
Another Italian, Vitantonio Liuzzi, will serve as the test driver of the former Spyker team, now jointly owned by flamboyant Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya and the Mol family from the Netherlands.
Fisichella, who turns 35 on Monday and is a veteran of 196 Grand Prix races, was signed after he was eased out by Renualt at the end of the previous season to make way for Fernando Alonso who moved from McLaren.
Sutil, who finished 19th with Spyker last season, was retained as the number two driver after testing with Force India last month alongside, among others, Ralf Schumacher and Christian Klien.
Mallya, the Branson and famous for his larger than life image and hi-fi parties whose empire extends from breweries to airlines, has chosen the slogan “force of a billion hearts” to attract Indians to the team.
“No one believed India would have a Formula One team but we are there,” said Mallya. “In years to come, we will be a force to reckon with.”
The team will use two of the Ferrari-powered former Spyker F8-VII chassis in its new interim burgundy and white livery.

Alex in Honda??

Austrian driver Alex Wurz has come out of Formula One retirement to join Honda as a test driver.
Wurz, who quit Williams and F1 before the final race of last season, will act as backup to Honda race drivers Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello for the 2008 season.
Wurz joined F1 as test driver for Benetton in 1997 after winning the 1996 Le Mans 24 Hours race.
He debuted in the sport when fellow Austrian Gerhard Berger became ill in June 1997, driving in three races and finishing third at the British Grand Prix.
Wurz spent the next three years as a full-time driver for Benetton before joining McLaren as test driver in 2001.
He finished third in his only race for McLaren in San Marino in April 2005, giving him the record for the longest gap between podium finishes in the sport.
Wurz moved to Williams as test driver in 2006, before being promoted to race driver for the 2007 season.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Now Arman lined up in GP2 Asia series.

Ebrahim, 18, the former A1 GP driver, who missed out on the Formula Asia V6 title last year at the final round to James Winslow from Britain, believes a good overall performance in the GP2 ASIA TOUR. "This new series gives me a real opportunity to showcase my talents in front of some very influential motorsport people and I hope that it will bring me to the attention of the F1 paddock and perhaps open some doors for my future," said Ebrahim.
Ebrahim is the second Indian to confirm his participation in the Asia Series, following Karun Chandhok's signing for I-SPORT. Chandhok will also compete in the main championship for the I-SPORT.

It is good for the motorsport in india and for all the motorsport lovers. However we hope to see both of the them on the podium.

Force India F1 driver line up

It seems the Silverstone-based Force India Grand Prix team are set to announce that Giancarlo Fisichella will join Adrian Sutil on track for them during the 2008 FIA F1 World Championship season.
Fisichella was just one of a number of drivers who undertook a test run for the squad prior to Christmas, and since the Jerez test he has been constantly linked with the team.A handful of other hopefuls also took to the track and tested for the Vijay Mallya-owned team and a number have ruled themselves out of the running in recent weeks – including Ralf Schumacher.Fisichella drove for the Silverstone team when it was called Jordan and the Italian's arrival would bring much experience to a team who are looking to progress up the grid and challenge for world championship points.

I thought somehow Narain would be able to manage or ForceIndia would take Narain into its board. Afterall Narain is a born quick driver. Never mind may be next year. But we would surely want to see him in the F1 circuit.

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