Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New F1 game for PS3/PS2 in this generation??

It is really funny that new game has still not arrived.
having said that, I hope it should not arrive this year. The reason quite simple new tracks.
I am expecting to race Singapore, Abudhabi, Valencia and even Fuzi using the F1 cars. If sony/any other company comes out with the game this year we would not see the new circuits.
Unless the race is complete F1 is not going to give the rights for game developement.
F1 game for PS3 is really good and PS2 is also nice, but one cannot play these games for 5 years.
Hence I am expecting a new set of games to come in 2009 with new tracks, new team (Force India F1), slick tyre option (Currently it is only HARD and RAIN) etc and some excellent graphics and also some exciting features.... like Mallya type Parties in the games

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