Monday, March 17, 2008

Ferrari failed in Albert Park or Is MCLaren is 2008's winner? An analysis

This is a very big question coming in my mind whether Ferrari failed in Albert completely or marginally. The speed was not even matching to the Renaults.
It was really funny to see both the drivers struggling hard without aids. With massa helping both Coulthard and Webber incidentally both RBR's back to the garage. And then himself went to pit.

The Ferrari engines are heating so much that even ICE MAN cannot cool t down.

The champion himself has so many off track excursions that it was worth watching.
For some time I was wondering what the hell is doing? Then I realised ohh Ferrari is struggling with ECU aids.

It seems McLarens are the 2008's winners. The way both of the drivers performed it was a classic show. Having said that I think we still have BMW as a competitor to McLaren but for how long??

But yes as long as the inexperienced drivers are present it cannot be guaranteed as any of the good drivers e.g. Fischi would thrown out of the track because of some silly driving by some freshers.

Thanks to the help by Nelson send the "GOOD TIMES" car to dust. It was really heart aching to see the Force India F1 car out side the track.

Well it is still a big question to be asked whether Ferrari would be able to race in sych hot weather conditions?

According to reports williams is going for super computers to study the car data for this hot weather conditions. Guies ready for Williams and BMW to give a stiff competition to Ferrari for 2nd and 3rd positions.

The RedBulls are the real surprise. As a team they have developed very much. This is clearly visible from the testing and qualifying reports. The only thing that can save Redbull is some good driving by the freshers and some lady luck to Mark Webber.

Lets see how it goes.

My prediction for Sepang is

1. Mc Laren
2. Ferrari/Renault/RBR
3. Williams/BMW

and rest would be ........

Do post your comments on this.

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